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Company BBQ

Our annual summer BBQ was one for the books. Lucy did an amazing job organizing it. It was full of Micheladas, Volleyball, and catered Shish Kabobs. Anya, who was only 4-years-old and tiny ate more of the Cherry Rice than a large adult, which would explain why she is the child of Jack Levin.

Ever heard of one-minute games? Well we have and we dominated. Face the Cookie: one minute to get an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth…Lucy in advertising showed no mercy. Nutstacker: one minute to stack ten bolts…great patience and talent required…CEO Jack Levin was the only one to achieve this difficult project. Pencil Catch: twelve pencils individually picked up… quick hands; developer Nicholas Pettas won. From Volleyball lasting nicknames came about including, but not limited to, Sporty Spice, Mohessa, Tylerrotte etc. If you come in the office it is essential you ask Tyler to demonstrate his winning serve which is combined with a deep squat, make fun of Moe and Josiah’s flipper/water shoes, and view Alex’s winning dance moves (video).


SkyPath Launch

We launched SkyPath which lets you view, save and upload images into your ImageShack account. The app will synchronize with all your images.
Skypath for IPhone is out at the App Store: – Synchronize your ImageShack account across all of your IOS devices. Some features include:

- Browse images stored on your ImageShack account from your iOS device.

- Upload images from your iOS device straight to your ImageShack account.

This is the baby of Lawrie’s UI designs. Mikhail, although wiry, has put his heart and soul into this project by testing the functionality. Nicholas has spent a tremendous amount of time slaving away at the backend…thank goodness for early breakfast runs for Egg McMuffins to make this happen.

Mexican Happy Hour

Working in a company with half Russians we have learned the art of Happy Hour. Although Tequila is far different than Vodka…they don’t mind.  We all follow the video analogy and our life is swell (see video). Although we have backgrounds from Germany, Mexico, Russia, India, and Iran ….we have learned the art of not mixing and sticking to one culture for the evening. After last year’s company trip to Vegas we all have learned that some things should just be left in Vegas.

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