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Los Gatos Shenanigans!!

This is what occurs when everyone goes to lunch and no one wants to get back to their desk just yet. You will notice it is always the girls who are daring because the boys are worried about “embarrassing photos.” They tend to take the photos. The most interesting photos of the guys consist of eyes glued on a screen playing video games….or buying off of Pinterest… I forget. Having wig stores, and costume stores in Los Gatos is a problem. One thing is for sure, Deborah’s hair should never look like that!!

The Ping and the Pong

The only thing that makes Mondays better. We are very obsessed. In addition to all of us being competitive we even have a whole social network dedicated to smack talking. At least when people are playing doubles the losing team can put blame on the other person. Originally this was suppose to unite and create teamwork in the office but the company is very much doubting this decision.

Alex and Moe

Women of ImageShack Lunch (Fondu for days!)

Old town Los Gatos…don’t mind if we do! We are so spoiled with working close by. We were all too full to even get chocolate at the end….first world problems. Lawrie is around 90 pounds and Lucy is lactose intolerant but that didn’t stop them.

Lucy and Jia


Dog Day!

Please meet the better half of the office. Mrs. Peanut who pmses every day and almost got the ankle of the UPS man last week. If her hair isn’t up and she isn’t growling you know it is gonna be a good day. Wesley, the golden child, is the most chill pet of all time. He reflects the qualities of his owner who enjoys Togo’s every day and rarely speaks. LeeLoo who you picture could play Lacey in the movies. She sleeps with her belly against the wall…strange.

Moe and Wesley

LeeLoo, Alex and Peanut



Yfrog Social is ramping up. This is just the soft launch and we can’t wait until the official launch. Slowly tweaking functions, adding new features and creating new UI designs. We are working around the clock to make our users happy.

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