Monthly Archives: November 2012

ImageShack Redesign. It is a big deal.

ImageShack has a large user base. Over the past several months our focus was getting Yfrog Social live and the launch of new products. However, we want to give ImageShack a new look!  We are so excited to say that we have two new pages that are live! We have a beautiful new profile page. You will also notice that the album’s page is new too. Make sure you continue hosting your photos on our site so you can be the first to try our new pages. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Skypath for Windows App! It is coming!

At ImageShack we strive to make our users happy, which a lot of times means producing apps for different devices. We don’t want to be partial to any one operating system; the only obstacle we face is that we have a small team. Don’t worry we are working hard to complete Windows for Skypath…. to be continued.

No Shave November!

Happy Movember to all!! Even though a lot of the guys were not up to a mustache competition…some gibberish about staying married… we still celebrated the efforts of men around the world. Hopefully next year we will have more employees up for the challenge.

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