Monthly Archives: May 2013

Video Shoot for Marketing

Behind the scenes shooting our marketing video. San Francisco was good to us and we had a great day! A big thanks to Jonathan Black for acting in the video and Joel VanZ for being a great videographer! You won’t want to miss seeing the final product! It is coming soon.


We finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon! I mean, how could we not?
We’re not only giving our actual website a makeover, but we’re giving all of our social networks a new vibe as well. We want to keep all of our users as informed as possible, but in a fun way! Not only can you keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook, but you can see what we’re up to through a more creative lense. Lets face it…you can never take too many pictures ;)
Follow us @imageshackcorp and hashtag #imageshack…we would love to see all of your awesome photos and maybe even feature you on our page!

Happy Friday!

Josiah was such a nice coworker and brought in frappuccino drinks for everyone! We are all happy frogs :) We may be a little fatter but we sure are happy and ready for the weekend.

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