ImageShack just released an image uploader button! It is called “SHACK IT!” Just drag it to your bookmarks bar to grab any images off the web page you are browsing and upload them to your ImageShack account! It is so easy.  Below you can see the example of how “SHACK IT” works by grabbing all the images so you can easily upload! We hope our users love it!

Try it out:

Congrats Alex!

You are the longest frog to be at ImageShack! At first you you were responsible for many shenanigans at ImageShack and willing to wear about every hat because the team was so small and now you are our commander and chief. ImageShack is so happy to have you as part of the team and is very thankful for you having such loyalty to the company.

Honorable Terms of Service

Recent actions of social networks have caused many users to question privacy of photos and ownership. We would like to remind our users that our company values, and our TOS, stand on ownership being purely given to the photographer. Instagram has recently changed their terms of service, yet it still holds the right to use user’s photos for advertisement purposes. “In short, Instagram declares that ‘possession is nine-tenths of the law and if you don’t like it, you can’t stop us,’” the lawsuit says. We believe in users having privacy and ownership of their photos to do as they please, not what we please. Please be reassured that when you use Yfrog or ImageShack we claim no rights to photos uploaded.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Logging into ImageShack just got made so much easier by allowing you to sign up and sign in with your Facebook account. One simple click and you can start uploading immediately. Time is the most valuable resource these days and we are trying to help you in every way we can.

Change what you want. When you want. How you want.

If only we could use filters in every aspect of our life. At least now you can on your social network. Tweak your favorite picture, make yourself look better, or instantly change a picture to black and white. Yfrog Social is proud to release 21 filters you can use on any image you upload. Change the look and feel to whatever your hearts desires. After all it is a network built for you. We hope you enjoy each one!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

We want our users to get more for their money and that is why we have increased the amount of storage our users get for free! Please take more photos around the holidays and enjoy the time with your family. Upload all the memories to ImageShack. This is our end of the year gift to you!

Out with the lazy and in with the fit!

Between Thanksgiving and New Years one eats and eats….and eats. No one can stop this! Why should we even try then? Instead at ImageShack we are working off the stuffing, the cookies, the cakes, the turkey…the list never ends. This year we are holding a competition for who can work out the most days during this time. The battle is between Alex, Deborah, Josiah, Lawrie, Moe and Lucy! It will be close and the winner gets a gift certificate. However, the real treat will be flaunting the title in the office. The winner will be declared the first of 2013!

ImageShack Redesign. It is a big deal.

ImageShack has a large user base. Over the past several months our focus was getting Yfrog Social live and the launch of new products. However, we want to give ImageShack a new look!  We are so excited to say that we have two new pages that are live! We have a beautiful new profile page. You will also notice that the album’s page is new too. Make sure you continue hosting your photos on our site so you can be the first to try our new pages. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Skypath for Windows App! It is coming!

At ImageShack we strive to make our users happy, which a lot of times means producing apps for different devices. We don’t want to be partial to any one operating system; the only obstacle we face is that we have a small team. Don’t worry we are working hard to complete Windows for Skypath…. to be continued.

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