Happy first day of summer to all! We hope you enjoy the longest day of the year and make it count.

Tuesday our first Twitter Game starts! Make sure you follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss it. Every week we will give away a prizes. Stay tunned to find out what next week prize will be. You just take a photo of something we specify for the week and hastag it. It is that easy!

Follow us here: https://twitter.com/ImageShack

We just launched a browswer extenstion to make sharing photos even easier! Your photos are now just one click away. The added bonus is you can even tag videos. If you try it now you can get a free mobile phone! Enter here to win big: http://www.imageshack.com/extension/contest/

ImageShack has now partnered with Clickberry to provide our users with more ways to share. Clickberry has great products, one being a video tagger allowing new ways to share moments. We promise you will not be disappointed in all the new benefits this partnership will create!

We hope you’re hungry, because ImageShack is about to serve you perfection! With a few of our key ingredients, we are creating an all new, redesigned site.
Keep up to date by following us on here, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Just you wait… This will undoubtedly leave you satisfied!

Video Shoot for Marketing

Behind the scenes shooting our marketing video. San Francisco was good to us and we had a great day! A big thanks to Jonathan Black for acting in the video and Joel VanZ for being a great videographer! You won’t want to miss seeing the final product! It is coming soon.


We finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon! I mean, how could we not?
We’re not only giving our actual website a makeover, but we’re giving all of our social networks a new vibe as well. We want to keep all of our users as informed as possible, but in a fun way! Not only can you keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook, but you can see what we’re up to through a more creative lense. Lets face it…you can never take too many pictures ;)
Follow us @imageshackcorp and hashtag #imageshack…we would love to see all of your awesome photos and maybe even feature you on our page!

Happy Friday!

Josiah was such a nice coworker and brought in frappuccino drinks for everyone! We are all happy frogs :) We may be a little fatter but we sure are happy and ready for the weekend.

More Power for Skypath on Android

Skypath just got more power! You can now login faster with Facebook. We know how valuable your time is, so we created faster uploading for one image- or same image uploads that are up to ten times faster.

Want to control if an upload is private or public? Now you can. Skypath got energized…try it out, so you can, too: http://imageshack.us/pages/skypath/

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