Out with the lazy and in with the fit!

Between Thanksgiving and New Years one eats and eats….and eats. No one can stop this! Why should we even try then? Instead at ImageShack we are working off the stuffing, the cookies, the cakes, the turkey…the list never ends. This year we are holding a competition for who can work out the most days during this time. The battle is between Alex, Deborah, Josiah, Lawrie, Moe and Lucy! It will be close and the winner gets a gift certificate. However, the real treat will be flaunting the title in the office. The winner will be declared the first of 2013!

ImageShack Redesign. It is a big deal.

ImageShack has a large user base. Over the past several months our focus was getting Yfrog Social live and the launch of new products. However, we want to give ImageShack a new look!  We are so excited to say that we have two new pages that are live! We have a beautiful new profile page. You will also notice that the album’s page is new too. Make sure you continue hosting your photos on our site so you can be the first to try our new pages. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Skypath for Windows App! It is coming!

At ImageShack we strive to make our users happy, which a lot of times means producing apps for different devices. We don’t want to be partial to any one operating system; the only obstacle we face is that we have a small team. Don’t worry we are working hard to complete Windows for Skypath…. to be continued.

No Shave November!

Happy Movember to all!! Even though a lot of the guys were not up to a mustache competition…some gibberish about staying married… we still celebrated the efforts of men around the world. Hopefully next year we will have more employees up for the challenge.

SkyPath is Here

Skypath synchronizes your photos with ImageShack Service and it is absolutely free to use. Combined with Skypath Desktop application, Skypath for Android allows you to share your mobile photo library with the ImageShack Cloud Service, which in turn mirrors your Android’s photo library photos right to your Skypath folder on your PC, mobile photo library backup has never been easier! By uploading your mobile photos to Skypath, you will be able to get portable web links which can be shared via Email and to Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter and other Social media sites. The app allows you to simply transfer photos across all of your mobile devices and keep them in sync with your ImageShack account. Download it (here).

Happy Anniversary!!

We have extremely loyal employees and we greatly appreciate it. We want to give a shout out to them this month. We had two employees celebrating their anniversaries, Nicholas Pettas who has been with the company for four years and Mikhail Smirnov for three years. We headed to Black Watch to have happy hour and celebrate their dedication to ImageShack!! Not only are they dedicated to the company but also to each other; they have been in the same room working together for three years. We look forward to hopefully having them for many more years at ImageShack.

Los Gatos Shenanigans!!

This is what occurs when everyone goes to lunch and no one wants to get back to their desk just yet. You will notice it is always the girls who are daring because the boys are worried about “embarrassing photos.” They tend to take the photos. The most interesting photos of the guys consist of eyes glued on a screen playing video games….or buying off of Pinterest… I forget. Having wig stores, and costume stores in Los Gatos is a problem. One thing is for sure, Deborah’s hair should never look like that!!

The Ping and the Pong

The only thing that makes Mondays better. We are very obsessed. In addition to all of us being competitive we even have a whole social network dedicated to smack talking. At least when people are playing doubles the losing team can put blame on the other person. Originally this was suppose to unite and create teamwork in the office but the company is very much doubting this decision.

Alex and Moe

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