We finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon! I mean, how could we not?
We’re not only giving our actual website a makeover, but we’re giving all of our social networks a new vibe as well. We want to keep all of our users as informed as possible, but in a fun way! Not only can you keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook, but you can see what we’re up to through a more creative lense. Lets face it…you can never take too many pictures ;)
Follow us @imageshackcorp and hashtag #imageshack…we would love to see all of your awesome photos and maybe even feature you on our page!

Happy Friday!

Josiah was such a nice coworker and brought in frappuccino drinks for everyone! We are all happy frogs :) We may be a little fatter but we sure are happy and ready for the weekend.

More Power for Skypath on Android

Skypath just got more power! You can now login faster with Facebook. We know how valuable your time is, so we created faster uploading for one image- or same image uploads that are up to ten times faster.

Want to control if an upload is private or public? Now you can. Skypath got energized…try it out, so you can, too: http://imageshack.us/pages/skypath/

ImageShack goes to Photo Hack Day!

Aviary and Facebook hosted Photo Hack Day at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park. ImageShack sponsored the event and a small team represented our product and provided support for our APIs. Our Image resizing API, also known as Imagizer, was extremely successful. Check it out here: http://imageshack.us/pages/resize/

During a workshop our CEO, Jack Levin, introduced our new product, our new designs on ImageShack, as well as some exciting technology and infrastructure that we developed in the last couple of years.

Imagizer API was one of the favorites alongside some of the biggest names in online application providers such as FaceBook, Drop Box, Aviary, Filepicker. Ten development teams used Imagizer API in their applications that they had to develop in 24 hours. Over $6,000 in prizes were awarded for first and second place for the use of ImageShack API in web and mobile application.

Jack also participated as one of the panelists on an expert panel, answering questions regarding Future Web Photography and Building Photography Startups. We are extremely fortunate to have been part of the event and really enjoyed working with all of the people interested in our API and technology behind our products. We hope to go back again.

The Spring Training Competition just announced the winner! Lucy Finegan! After a month and a half of working hard and running at lunch, she took first place. Lucy was so dedicated in her diet and exercising regiment, she certainly deserves her gift card! She said she is going to buy all new clothes so it is going for good use ;) Congrats Lucy!  Thanks to all participants as well, for working so hard.

“Let’s Go Oakland!!!”

ImageShack sponsored a little league baseball team called, “San Jose Pal A’s.” The team is made up of middle schoolers. We donated to the team and we are hoping that this year they will win! Hopefully with our Skypath logo on their backs this year they will be champions.


Android now has a new action bar so you can create folders, refresh and add an account easily! We have improved the operations and fixed bugs with a beautiful new UI. Less taps and easy back buttons make’s Skypath so convenient. Try it now! 

Spring Training

Let the games begin once again. We weighed in today and by March 31st it will be a battle of biggest weight lose and improved BMI. This time we are judging the winner based on more metrics such as, fat percentage, weight, goal and BMI. Summer is coming soon and we all need to look our best. Time to get fit! May the best man or woman win!

SkyPath is now available on all Windows Platforms. With this addition, you are able to synchronize your images with SkyPath across all major operating systems and mobile devices. Exclusive features such as drag and drop uploader make image uploading quick and effortless. Connect your media everywhere and be the first one to try it: http://imageshack.us/pages/skypath/

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