Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone has happy Halloween today, filled with spooky tricks and unexpected treats!

Tailor your images to fit you perfectly!

Image cropping is here! Now you can crop, clip, and cut your images however you’d like right inside ImageShack! Simply go into the image menu and select the “Crop” option and you’re ready to frame your images exactly as you want. Don’t forget to save!

Photo Tip: Negative Space

Using negative space is an incredibly versatile way to emphasize the subject in your photos, especially if the subject is the smallest object in the picture.  Negative space is essentially the background in your pictures, it’s what surrounds the subject and can add a dramatic or a serene effect by focusing in on the subject. It may feel a bit counterintuitive at first to purposefully leave a lot of “empty” space in your images, but give it a try and see if you like the effect it creates!

By Anita Fuchs

By Angela and Ithyle

By Lou Levit

Featured Photographer: Frederick van Heerden

This week’s featured photographer is Frederick “Photo Taker” van Heerden! He is by profession an investment and insurance broker but his other passion is nature and wildlife. On capturing these moments he says, “What makes it even more exciting is the fact that I can bring these magnificent moments home and look at them over and over.

Want to see more? Check out his gallery here: https://imageshack.com/user/fvh00123

Have you heard?

We are sorry for the delay but it is finally here! Skypath for iOS update is in review and will be live shortly. It will fix upload issues. Get SkyPath for your device here!

Featured Photographer: Katelyn Perry

Katelyn is a lifestyle and travel photographer with a background in fine art photography and portraiture. Her aim is to create tangible moments through purely visual images. She wants the viewer to feel like they are in the space she’s creating and to relate it to an experience they have already had.


Want to see more? Check out her gallery here: https://imageshack.com/user/katelyn.perry13

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