At ImageShack we create products empowering people to capture and share their everyday moments through pictures. ImageShack launched in November of 2003 and in July of 2007, we opened our first office in Los Gatos, where we are headquartered.

Our mission is to inspire people to create artistic visions and to build products that enable people to share their special moments through pictures. Today, we employ twelve extremely talented and dedicated individuals who make our mission statement a priority. ImageShack is a simple, innovative and reliable service for people who share the love of photography and wish to share their passion with others.

At ImageShack, we provide quality products associated with sharing photos, because after all, that’s how it all got started! We own three other products- Yfrog Social, Yfrog and Skypath. Our newest endeavor, Skypath, is an app that syncs not only with your ImageShack account but with all of your devices that have a photo library.

We create simple, new and beautiful features that facilitate creativity and sharing. Click on our below products to explore.