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Tahoe Company Trip! Let The Good Times Roll.

Our end of the year celebration at ImageShack was one of the best! We all went to North Star Resort where we enjoyed fabulous drinks at The Chocolate Bar and a fantastic meal at The Lodge in Truckee. The night was finished off with Foosball and Pool domination. The food was superb but somehow the people seemed to beat even that! We all had a lot to celebrate from the launch of yfrog Social, and Skypath to the future redesign of ImageShack, but above all we were celebrating the fantastic management we have and the dedicated team that makes ImageShack one of the best places to work.

Skypath Login Became So Simple

Now you can login to Skypath with Facebook! Be one of the first to try it, so you can easily start backing up your photos. Skypath allows you to easily sync your photos from ImageShack. Logging in just got made so much easier!

ImageShack just released an image uploader button! It is called “SHACK IT!” Just drag it to your bookmarks bar to grab any images off the web page you are browsing and upload them to your ImageShack account! It is so easy.  Below you can see the example of how “SHACK IT” works by grabbing all the images so you can easily upload! We hope our users love it!

Try it out:

Congrats Alex!

You are the longest frog to be at ImageShack! At first you you were responsible for many shenanigans at ImageShack and willing to wear about every hat because the team was so small and now you are our commander and chief. ImageShack is so happy to have you as part of the team and is very thankful for you having such loyalty to the company.

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