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Android now has a new action bar so you can create folders, refresh and add an account easily! We have improved the operations and fixed bugs with a beautiful new UI. Less taps and easy back buttons make’s Skypath so convenient. Try it now! 

Spring Training

Let the games begin once again. We weighed in today and by March 31st it will be a battle of biggest weight lose and improved BMI. This time we are judging the winner based on more metrics such as, fat percentage, weight, goal and BMI. Summer is coming soon and we all need to look our best. Time to get fit! May the best man or woman win!

SkyPath is now available on all Windows Platforms. With this addition, you are able to synchronize your images with SkyPath across all major operating systems and mobile devices. Exclusive features such as drag and drop uploader make image uploading quick and effortless. Connect your media everywhere and be the first one to try it:

SkyPath Released Update For iOS

We received quiet a few requests from our users on how to make SkyPath better. Some of the most valuable feature request were considered in the order of priority and are now part of the latest release. SkyPath users update your SkyPath App to get the latest and greatest features. If you do not have SkyPath yet then try it today for free and receive a free upgrade to a premium account on ImageShack. 

New version for iOS now supports:
1. Improved in-app controls and navigation for uploading images and creating folders.
2. Move multiple files to and from the folder.
3. Rename a folder.
4. Rename files.

Download the update here:


Internet entrepreneurs, forum and site operators look no further for your image resizing needs. We are looking for participants for our pilot program that allows you to resize any PNG or JPEG image on the fly. Simply get an API key and resize images to the size you want without unnecessary resizing scripts and expensive storage. See more at

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