Featured Photographer: Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis lives on a small island in the Bahamas surrounded by clear and warm ocean. Underwater photography was a natural choice of artistic expression and at present moment she works as a freelance underwater photographer, apart from her dedication to personal projects.

What to see more? Check out her gallery:


Did You Know? Password Protection Is Here!

There’s a new way to share albums with only the people you want to! With password protection, you can further secure any private album by creating a password for it from the Privacy Settings, which is accessible from menu button on an album page. Once you’ve chosen a password, make sure you update your changes and you’re all set. To share this kind of album, you will have to provide someone the album link and the album password in order for them to view the images. You can also change the password anytime you would like.

Found Something You Liked? See It All In One Place!

Now you can see all your favorite images all at once. Each and every image you’ve “liked” can be seen side by side when you click on the new “Liked” feed. Get inspiration from the images you love and make sure you’re following your favorite photographers.

Your Images are Safer than Ever!

We know you want to protect your images as much as possible and we want to help you. In your Account Settings, under Privacy/Preferences, you can choose to block people from right-click copying and downloading of your images. While you’re there you can also set up watermarking to add another level of safety.

Woohoo! We have Watermarking!

Want to make sure your images are as safe as possible? Now you can safeguard your hard work with just a few clicks by utilizing our watermarking tool! Go into your Account Settings, under Preferences, and upload your own watermark to apply to all your images.

Featured Photographer: James Forbes

James is a Dallas based art director / interactive designer and recently decided to rekindle his passion for photography. Specializing in portraits and landscape photography, he shoots mostly outdoors and in natural light.

Want to see more of his work? Check out his gallery: https://imageshack.com/user/vespir

Photo Tip: Leading Lines

Most likely, you’ve probably seen leading lines in hundreds, if not thousands, of photos! Leading lines are used to guide your eye across a photo and bring your focus to the subject. These lines can be “made” from almost anything, depending on the overall composition, such as roads, sidewalks, buildings, fences, furniture, and trees. Utilizing leading lines is an easy way to give your shots that certain put-together quality. It’ll also make your pictures pop to anyone looking at them. See for yourself!

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