Featured Photographer: James Forbes

James is a Dallas based art director / interactive designer and recently decided to rekindle his passion for photography. Specializing in portraits and landscape photography, he shoots mostly outdoors and in natural light.

Want to see more of his work? Check out his gallery: https://imageshack.com/user/vespir

Photo Tip: Leading Lines

Most likely, you’ve probably seen leading lines in hundreds, if not thousands, of photos! Leading lines are used to guide your eye across a photo and bring your focus to the subject. These lines can be “made” from almost anything, depending on the overall composition, such as roads, sidewalks, buildings, fences, furniture, and trees. Utilizing leading lines is an easy way to give your shots that certain put-together quality. It’ll also make your pictures pop to anyone looking at them. See for yourself!

By Alexandra Sophie

By Laura Taylor

By Mikko Lagerstedt

Psssttt… we now have image stats!

Have you ever wanted to know how popular your images are? Well now you can! Just click on the “STATS” button on any Landing Page to see how many views, comments and likes your image received quickly and easily. You can even set a specific date range for more precise information.

Featured Photographer: Lou Levit

Lou (Louisa) Levit was was born in a small town in the Ukraine in November of 1988. She’s always loved art, design and photography, and has been drawn to express the various emotions and inspirations that rise up in her through these mediums. She believes that following your heart is the most important thing in life, and hopes her work inspires others to do the same.

Want to see more of her work? Check out her gallery: https://imageshack.com/user/LouLevit


Photo Tip: Capture the Details

There’s no argument that a breathtaking landscape or a busy city scene can make for an amazing photograph, but sometimes it’s easy to lose the little things in pursuit of the big picture. Some of the best photos are ones that bring you in up-close and personal with the subject. Try it the next time you pull out your camera and you might be surprised by what you may have otherwise overlooked. Be sure to hold your camera as steady as possible and have your subject be in good light to have your detail photos turn out as sharp as possible. Here’s some inspiration:

By Lynnsey Dunson


By Michael Quinn


By Angela and Ithyle

ImageShack Faves: Beach Bash

Summer is here in full force and what better way to enjoy it than to spend a day with the sand, sun and surf! Grab some friends and get out into the water to make some memories. We’re sure you want to capture your best beach moments and if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some of our favorite shots:

By Stu Gibson


By Alexandra Sophie



By Sam Li

Finally! Image Editing is Yours.

We have been listening and we are so excited to release image editing. Have you ever needed to adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast, and saturation of your image? Well now you can. With a few clicks you can be editing your images like a pro.

Try it out for yourself by going to your image menu and selecting “Edit.” From there you can select what you would like to enhance and make sure to save your changes when you’re done!

Featured Photographer: Alex Talmon

Alex is working as a designer in the Netherlands and has a great passion for photography. He started with photography in 2008 and taught himself how to capture the world with his camera.

Want to see more of his work? Check out his gallery: https://imageshack.com/user/alextalmon


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